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As the vlog class of 2004 becomes more immersed in the videoblogging field, space is left for later classes to step up. When Ryanne Hodson's busy-ness gap occurred in the midst of advocating Michael Ambs' Project Pedal, I stepped up with Road Node 101-inspired glee. Project Pedal is the essential 2nd millennial road trip. Human powered in every way, starting June 2, 2007, Ambs will follow and document the two-wheeled road trip magic of subjects Larry and Jay as they undertake a cross-country bicycle journey. Michael arrived at Have Money Will Vlog having lost support from a classic documentary film organization. It seemed to me he came to us despairing of accomplishing his dream film in the way he'd dreamed it. The production issues Michael and I spoke about were geared toward helping him embrace the one-human-band videoblogging makes possible. Michael is at heart a classic film maker, so it is fitting for him to have won the $25,000 first prize in Network2.tv's promo contest that now supports his efforts. With this award, Ambs will be able to make the documentary vlog / film he imagined. My points here are to encourage the less-tangible promotional support of our estimable community, to wish Ambs and his team well, and to say to others out there who may despair of making the documentaries or feature-length vlogs of their own dreams, that one does not have to have $25K or $10K or $5K to accomplish this. One may make a feature-length film in vlog bits and pieces with a cell phone or video-capable digital still camera. And that's the space where and why HMWV lives. Bon Voyage to Michael Ambs and Project Pedal. We'll be watching and cheering you on every turn of the way.

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