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The "Billyburg Jumbotron" - "seething with hipster irony" no less - begins to generate buzz.

We're not quite ready to launch the site yet, but if you want a sneak peek... O

Here's a link to the vlog associated with the site: Vlogvertising.
clipped from www.curbed.com


The landscape for those alighting from the Bedford Avenue L Station has some new features. As evidence we offer (1.) the Finger Building, which is now getting a red brick look with which it shall forever flip bird and (2.) what we'll call the Billyburg Minitron, a flat screen TV that went up last week. The TV isn't visible during daylight, so clearly the advertisers are aiming for the after-dark, in the shade and rainy day crowd. (Catch some action shots of the erection and some night shots here

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