Testing IODA Promonet for Vlog Music

Testing IODA Promonet, a clearinghouse for podcast safe music that generates html credit code for blog posts. I love how the code looks and what it does for quality show notes.

Curious whether their html will allow the referenced mp3 to flow down RSS tubes.

You may preview and download mp3's from the site to use in your video podcast. Strict guidelines cover artist credit, but it's easy to do with their code generator.

More, later.

Handel: 6 Cello Sonatas

Download "Sonata a minor HWV367a, Op.1 No.9" (mp3)
from "Handel: 6 Cello Sonatas"
by The Brook Street Band
AVIE Records

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  1. I'm checking out IODA, too. I have to scour their collection more thoroughly on my day off, but I loved their cut and paste credits! I used them once for a cool jazz piece during VBW07. I absolutely plan on using them again!


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