Videoblogging Week 2007

Videoblogging Week 2007.

It's here, starting April 1.

Don't know about you, but with a little enterprise just gearing up, and film season beginning early 'cause producers fear an autumn strike, my time's strictly limited.

Been harping on distributed production as a model for videoblogging for a while now because it simply makes sense; the most successful vlog models have incorporated the practice.

To that end, I've set up a SpinXpress Videoblogging Week group in which anyone may play in order to push the distributed production model.

Just email me at jannie.jan@gmail.com and I'll add you to the group. It's a secure peer-to-peer operation, so that request is part of the process.

Upload something. Anything. Download, cut together, and put it back up. I've uploaded some sound files.

Got time? Make a video every day starting April 1 for a week and tag it all 'videobloggingweek2007'

[DISCLAIMER: SpinXpress is supportive of The Faux Press in lots of ways]

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