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Thoughts about the big boys entering the vlogspace and what makes video on the net different from television.
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  1. Oh, if only I could be this articulate and genial and bright and passionate first thing in the morning.

    Only you, Jan.

    Only you :)

    Thanks for making me think the big thoughts.

  2. As if YOU don't make me think about big, important thing, Missy. Har.

  3. what bekah said.

    trine just posted this on twitter, and although i'm supposed to be away from twitter and working, i got distracted like i always do, and thought maybe it'd be a 30 second thing, but even in my IGOTTAWORK mode you kept me watching all the way.

    I love the story about the grips. I always think that grips are the very essence of Man. They scare me. I'm really a woman, deep down ;)

    Anyway, I thought you'd like this. It's a link to a great BBC radio show about business. The guy who hosts it, Peter Day, is very hot on emerging tech businesses and markets and philosophies. He's in his 50s and has a very British voice, and I always think it's cool that this very old world radio voice is there getting excited about all these silicon valley guys. This link is not about that, though, it's an episode from January 2006 called Down With Hierarchies. Fascinating stuff. Like you, one of my guiding principles in life is Down with hierarchies!

    (oh, and I like that we can picture your kitchen window now when you come on Twitter first thing in the morning :)


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