Downshifting Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Gentry shame? Guess so.
clipped from www.observer.com
“Kinda like when you say you’re from Canada if you’re overseas, just to avoid trouble,” said 23-year-old Jessica, who refused to give her last name but admitted that she moved to the neighborhood, off the Bedford Avenue stop, from Virginia two years ago.
“I can’t tell people I’m from Williamsburg,” she told The Observer. “It gets people so uptight; all ‘Oooooo, you’re from Williamsburg, and where’s your Brooklyn Industries bag and your trust fund and your newsboy cap, hmmm?’ So I just lie and say I’m from Greenpoint.”
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  1. Greenpoint doesn't want you either. I think your an insult to my home.

  2. I hear ya. Thanks for commenting.


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