RE-VLOG :: Better Bad News on Venture Capital(ists)

I get such a kick out of Better Bad News. They've got a relatively large group of folks together to satirize anything they can get their minds around. In THIS episode, they pick on Web 2.0 economics and social networking.

"Investors should have to compete for my business," says BBN.

I agree, at least in attitude and in principle.

In the larger picture, for the last six months or so BBN has been poking link-love vloggersational fun at A-listers across the web. Congdon. Calacanis. Gillmore Gang. Adam Curry. Scoble. Jarvis. YouTube's Renetto. They even did a mashup of one of Jay Dedman's moving pictures, comparing him to Hamlet and asking whether videoblogging is 'art'.

Their answer:
"If asked again I would say, yes, video blogging is art whenever it succeeds in reeling me in."
I've neither seen nor heard any media ripples from this link-love endeavor.

Why is that?

Better Bad News's cross of deadpan Dada news and satire has it all over Goodnight Burbank. Were I directing, Burbank, I'd say dial the comedy back 15%. My larger problem with G'night B'bank is that it's television all over again, whereas BBN is something new.

Download the Quicktime version of the enclosed BBN episode HERE.


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