Pouring Photoshop PDF Slideshows Down RSS Pipes

My pal Gomez - a fella I've known since Junior High School - has recently gotten back in touch with our family. He's my adopted older brother.

I've spoken of him before HERE, and now, I get to know his family a wee bit better.

Anyway, Gomez recently sent me a PDF slideshow of his family trip to Hawaii that I thought was pretty amazing.

Why amazing? Because PDF files travel down RSS pipes.

IP/TV can be in lots of formats - whatever format will travel down the RSS tube.

For all you folks familiar with Adobe products this might be of interest. I haven't anything more than Adobe Reader in my box, but...

For those of you who do, this PDF slideshow option is an efficient way to share digital images. The enclosed PDF is only 3.8 MB, and it contains lots of images that play full screen in pretty darned good resolution.

Gomez writes: After you select slide show option in Adobe Photoshop, you check or select the photos you want in the slide show then 'OK.'

Save your pictures to a slideshow in PDF, upload to a server, and add it as an enclosure to a blog post. Bingo.

Love it that Blip.tv handles PDF files.

What else can be done with PDF? Hmmm?


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