Hollywood Endings, Reality & Economics

As usual, McLeod either resonates with or kicks the ass of life-as-I-know-it.

Today's 'toon does both.

Madison Avenue is at the top of my list of extant institutions that make me shake my head with sad laughter - right next to the Press Corps and Government. The visionary McLeod presents us with the future of marketing, and by extension, economics.

Important thinking and doing going on all over the place, not least of which is the Vlogosphere's Have Money Will Vlog.

One of my best friends is an econ-based attorney. He grins at the idea of Rosen's NewAssignment.net sustaining itself through micropayments. Trust is a huge element of his skepticism. Not surprisingly, when I went in search of an appropriate link at NewAssignment, found the above-linked post on the very subject of trust. What my friend fails to understand is the value of sustainability's social currency.

I'm bored with Hollywood endings and figure it would serve me better to concentrate on the reality of pain for a while. Life hurts. Especially a life lived in love. Hearts are made - made - to break. That's what they do.

Toward making tracks in that direction I mourn with my family the loss of Moss, a good dog. Nay, a great dog; a more loving, loyal gentleman dog n'er lived.


  1. Trust is what projects like NewAssignment and others will swing on. Or, perhaps "community" is a better word.

    At first it was assumed that the power of the Internet was to publish. But now in its second coming -- it seems to be the ability to connect people. If a sense of community or trust can be created -- then it seems a lot more is possible. From chairty fundraising to investigative journalism (our goal).

    Thanks for your support!


  2. You're welcome, David. I support this endeavor wholeheartedly.


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