Afraid of Media? Yeah.

I get how some folks find the advent of cellphone video frightening; it's a brave new media world.

Allow me introduce you to Ged. He's remarkable. Moreover, he believes in me as a sound person. For that confidence I am deeply grateful.

The crew he put together got their asses kicked all over Manhattan's West Side Highway. But we were happy to do it for him. He's that kind of leader.

Furthermore, Ged keeps his head under pressure. I aspire to that.

Music "Cash, Money, Sex" by Phoebe Dunne.


  1. Hi, I like this, I'm keeping your url in my little book ...

    Found you via that "next blog" button up top. I've been having fun with that!

    Do drop by mine if you like. It's a diary blog, quite different from yours.

    Best Wishes from

  2. Thanks for the comment, Gledwood. Stopped by your site. Interesting stuff.


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