The Whitehouse Vlogs & Podcasts!

I love this. Whereas a few minutes ago I was not in the holiday spirit, I am now, thanks to BarneyCam, the first dog's videoblog - click this link to see Barney's 2006 holiday preparations.

The Whitehouse is podcasting and videoblogging and this link will take you to the official page with all the feeds.



I'm a subscriber.



  1. To be honest this barney thing has been around for a few years, but I'm certainly glad they added an RSS feed to it.

    There are in fact three or four different feeds, only the barney one is video, one of them is just random white house PR from the press secretary, one is random speaches by the president... very cool for reference... but not aimed at any particular subject or audience, and finally there is the president's weekly radio address which I guess you could say is a true honest to good podcast.

    Quite frankly they all have their value, if only because they make the president more accessible.

    I've added them to my list of "politicians who podcast"


  2. It's certainly amazing that the White House has RSS.

    I'm subscribed to Snow's briefings in Google Reader.

    The flash audio comes nicely through.

    Better to hear Snow speak it than a news reader.

  3. Wow the white house has a podcast, where have i been


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