Five Things Meme :: Faux Press Followup :: Tag Engines

Technorati's graphic representation of the '5things' tag search popularity.

Serra writes, asking where she can have a gander at others' Five Things Meme contributions. Here ya go, Serra:

  • BLIP: Here's the Blip.tv feed. And HERE's Blip's page with all the projects tagged '5things' there. Only 3 items show up so far. I know there are more.
  • TECHNORATI: Here are Technorati's 'Five Things' FEED and PAGE. There are separate pages for blog posts, photos & videos. Cool. Lots more and for longer than I expected.
  • MEFEEDIA: Mefeedia's tage FEED and PAGE show nada as of the date of this post. (Git yer ass over to Mefeedia and tag your shit, yo!)
  • DEL.ICIO.US: Guess the progenitors didn't do a Del.icio.us search on '5things' before they decided on a tag, for the search returns a crapload of unrelated stuff. Gah. Here's the '5things' search PAGE and FEED.
  • FLICKR: Flicker's PAGE and FEED. Whoops - Flickr doesn't generate a feed for tag searches. Surely there's a 'tag search' --> 'feed' hack. Anybody? Plus, my stuff never shows up in Flickr public searches. Sigh.
Well, that was fun. Curious how the early tag engines compare over the long run. Who's using what and how the tag engines pick up on stuff.

So far, Technorati's kickin' everybody's butt.



  1. Thanks, Jan - your energy and generosity never fails to astound me.

  2. And just when I was feeling so...so...



  3. So... is Mefeedia just completely failing to meet this need?


    How disapointing. I'm really really just very heartbroken by this.

    Is it simply that people aren't tagging their posts... or is it that mefeedia isn't even picking up on these tags.

    Mefeedia should be the first place you would go for tracking such meme's instead it appears to be the last.


  4. Yeah, the Mefeedia results were disappointing - guess tags don't come through. It's a bit much to have to visit to re-tag everything there, but I actually had made the visit - the same day as the post.

    Mine now shows here.

  5. crud, that means mefeedia tag aggregation is broken.

    I wonder how long that's been the case. :(


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