On Being a Woman :: Re-claiming Feminism

Had a long conversation with Jen of Ebb & Flow TV, produced in consanguinity with her husband, Kent.


This is my audio & text response to her fine poem. Download the mp3 HERE.

Photos by Bill Foley.

Bill and I worked together years ago
. He seemed remarkably human for a still guy, and we got on. When I moved to a loft in Williamsburg I suggested he take some photographs of the place, a spot I knew neared the end of its useful life as both building and working factory.

Was writing a lot back then and shared the words about the factory with him, toward inspiration. After he gave me prints, I re-wrote and ordered the bits together in what I'd wanted to be a handmade, limited edition book. I'd no money to execute the project in the way I'd imagined and its publication foundered, though this one piece found a page in "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".

"Jackie on His Head: For JKO" was one of the poems and short stories that were appropriate to our collective mission of hanging out and documenting the amazing space in which I lived.

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