VERIZON FIOS :: the review from North NJ

Have been uploading the entire "Lady Chatterly's Lover" reading to Blip / archive.org this week. The motivations to do so were twofold:

  1. With three more chapters to read, need inspiration to complete the project;
  2. Verizon's added FIOS (fiber optic) to my North New Jersey neighborhood, and I bought the FedEx notification marketing bait 20 MB package for only $5 more a month.
Speakeasy's free online up/down speed test shows as follows:
  • 10MB download / 4MB up to Dallas
  • 20 MB download / 4.337 up to NYC
  • 5.5 MB / 3.3 to Seattle
Okay. FIOS is not as speedy on the download as I might have liked to places-other-than-New York, but uploading a series of 20-30MB audio files to Blip.tv was a breeze. Well, more like a gust. The Blip server must be nearby 'cause it took 1.5 minutes for the 30MB file to upload. In the DSL past, that would have taken just under an hour.

The thing is, Verizon's pushing their "Verizon Internet Security Suite" with annoying popup windows that - more annoying than the popups - insist you use Internet Explorer to do things. Baaaaad Verizon. Bad Verizon.

The installation guy - Kevin - was great. I mean really great. Customer service means a lot.


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