"So Long, Sucka!"

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Miss B. Haven's fine dance vlog gave me a few giggles today.

She rocks.

Original post on November 09, 2006 from the miscellaneous mischievous misadventures of missbhavens: (RSS feed)

nnnnnnnnnnClick the pic or here to Dance in Quicktimennnor Click here to Flail in Flash @ blip.tvnnnThe election results gave me a serious case of happy feet...but the Rumsfeld resignation made my head spin! I am rarely moved by The Power of Dance; I have been known to dance at weddings and also when I bring home a sack of White Castle cheeseburgers.nThe resignation of Secretaries of Defenses can now be added to my short list of dance-worthy occasions...or flail-worthy occasions. Flailing followed by brief, sweaty, political commentary.nAnd yes, my neck really, really really hurts today.nFor more election-related good times head over to Dave's Long Box and find out the various political affiliations of your favorite superheroes.nn[rumsfeld]

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