Click TV :: Tool for Documentary Film Makers

I'm not quite ready to send this film down the RSS pipeline quite yet, but am interested in checking out Click.tv's most recent interation.

As an aspiring documentary film maker, the idea of being able to develop voiceover content with this tool is entrancing. Envision it helpful as 'teleprompter' when the time comes to record.

Check it out - leave even an inane comment. This is a fine, intuitive UI.

Best to let Click's Mike Lanza speak for himself:

Dear Friend of Click.TV:

I'm excited to announce to you the general availability of the newest Click.TV Player. It's quite a leap for us. You can see it on a special demo page (http://www.click.tv/ctss/worldcup.html) or on our home page (www.click.tv). It has the following new features:

Pushbuttons for track selection
Just like on that old car radio, you can push buttons to see "views" of a video. Just put your mouse over the videoand click one of those tiles on the left. "ENTIRE VIDEO"is the default, but clicking on a track name plays just the comments in that track. Try it!

Click on the EMAIL button to email the video to someone. Note that if you're currently viewing a track, you can email *just* that track. This even works for a search track! Here's an example - a "zidane" search track of the 2006 World Cup between Italy and France: View the movie

Creating clips with comments
Creating or editing comments with precise start and end points is easy now. To check it out, click "+COMMENT" to add a comment and press "edit start/end points" to reveal the start/end point editing interface.

Compact mode
Compact mode is now accessible via the button on the upper right. Now, all functionality is accessible in compact mode. The only thing that you give up is the ability to view all comments in a list. Instead, they appear one-by-one as subtitles overlaying the bottom of the video.

Usability enhancements
We've made dozens of subtle usability enhancements. For instance, the matrix that overlays the video now fades away after a couple seconds of inactivity. Also, you can now scroll through comments in the comment pane while the video is playing.

Please let me know what you think of this new version, and also please contact me if you have new ideas for how you might use Click.TV on your web site.

Thanks for your support.

- Mike Lanza

PS We'll be launching many more exciting things in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Mike Lanza



  1. Damn, that's cool. If you ever need a doc partner let me know - I make documentary films, too, but haven't found the right support network in my hometown yet. I'd love to collaborate with a fellow vlogger.

    Another immediate use I can think of for Click.TV is to use it for captioning to make your video more accessible. It looks like this is easier to do with Click rather than with QuickTime. Thanks for the 411!

  2. I shall definitely let you know, Ms. Colan. Collaboration is definitely in our collective future.

    Captioning is the use to which Mike Lanza puts it in his documentaries. I was trying to push the envelope a wee bit - as I'm wont to do. Hehehe.

    You're welcome, chica.

    Now, more video from you - if you please.



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