For Your Protection

for your protectiom

Finally, a sign that makes some kinda sense. Medical records are still kept in digital order by social security number. Sensitive numerical information. Why is this so? It's because it makes sense on some kinda meta-level that every individual's medical history is available in the event of...

And when I begin to think of all the possibilities for research and manipulation were medical histories available by SSN...my heart nearly stops. Naw. Nobody would use that information for bad things. Naw. Awfully tempting though, isn't it? Poetic in its simplicity.

Had a moment at the bank the other day when the teller - who'd made a correction to my deposit slip - announced the total deposit in front of half a dozen folks standing nearby. I whispered to her, "Next time, you might just point to the amount."

The teller looked up and immediately realized her gaffe. It was more than a month's income and made me blush with happy abundance. Worked hard for every cent. Still, was somehow shamed to have it made public. Shamed. Scared. What?

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