Anice Jeffries - "The Inner-net"

Found and wanted to share this manifesto for new media / The Faux Press.

When I called my dear friend Anice today to share this manifesto with her - a woman who studied with Terrence McKenna - she remarked how the 'inner-net' was working well since in the last 24 hours she too had found and been watching McKenna's videos.

She and I also recommend the videoworks of Eckhart Tolle, whose works I'd also discovered in recent days, thanks to Clark ov Saturn's ZipZapZop.tv

Clark's collecting interesting 'inner-net' works so we don't have to.



  1. Great link. I had heard McKenna's voice sampled in some techno music years ago but never know who his was. I checked out a few of the other videos about him on YouTube. Interesting stuff. I like his idea of creating our own realities by "putting the petal to the metal on art making". You also mentioned Eckart Tolle... I've been listening to his audio series called "Power of Now" and it's has become one of my favorite spiritual teachings.

  2. Ah.

    Gotta love the "inner-net" that actually brought us together, Curtis, sweet man. I miss you!

    Sending love your way.


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