The smooth process of reloading a 35mm film camera fascinates me as now - booming - I'm at the center of the production vortex, where it is infinitely hotter than the peripheries I'm accustomed to.

The 2nd assistant stands by the focus puller with the new magazine and the 1st assistant's preferred method of cleaning the gate. Some use Dust-Off, others prefer a hand-squeezed bulb to propell particles of film emulsion away. The light you see go on and off is always held in the 1st Assistant's mouth.

This is but one of the sweet underappreciated dances film crews do.

Swift. Precise. Efficient in its movement. Elegant in its way.

I evangelize videoblogging to the film industry by example. It's a subtle process.

During the course of recording this moment, Jeb seems amazed that the phone's been "rolling" so long. There are three seconds in which I can relate one detail about movlogging before the camera is "up" and we're again rolling. You can see an image of Jeb's face here. In this motion picture, you only see his hands and hear his voice.


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