The Faux Press :: The Faux Parade :: Testing Click.tv

Testing Click.TV's video/text commenting tool.

I feel another level of documentary filmmaking in it.

Totally intuitive.

Wonder if the flash file will flow down RSS pipes. ANSWER: No.

Test it out for yourself - add some darned comments.

POST NOTES: This flash file doesn't come through RSS to iTunes or FireANT.

Figured out where the file was hanging up - @ Blip - at one hour of upload time, flash transcoding ceases. Made the file smaller, and re-uploaded and all's well.

Download the rather large Quicktime Faux Parade File HERE - feel free to use it for your own nefarious art purposes.

POST NOTE 09/07 - Click's finished. Done. Kaput for the nonce. Ratz.



  1. Hi Jan,

    You bring up something I've been wondering about; which Flash videos are deliverable as RSS enclosures?

  2. Dunno, Harold. Hear that some get through, but which? How?


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