The Vloggies ARE Coming

And you heard it here.

We captured the official hand-drawn invitation while at Cafe 220 last night at the Ad Hoc Vlog Dinner.

The notion of an academy awards-ish event surrounding the vlogosphere has come up and been shut down more than a few times. And with good reason.

But now, GET's come up with a way to 'open source' the party, and with open source, we got a winner of an idea for an excuse to hang out and laugh together.

THE VLOGGIES: November 4 2006 in San Francisco @ the Swedish American Hall.

Green carpet?

Play Quicktime Version

Michael Meiser and I are hot on the trail of figuring out why 3gp files aren't showing up in the feed pipeline. Charles Hope suggested I check out the atom feed upon which the Feedburner feed is based, and by golly, 3gp's don't show up there either. We're gonna make distributing phone-generated video a more streamlined experience.

This is the post as directly uploaded from phone --> Blip.tv --> autopost to vlog:


Now, here's what the thing looks like after it arrives at Mefeedia:

The Faux Press is in talks with Peter about how we might solve this issue.

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  1. hey look it's for real!
    http://vloggiesSF.com -- it should say(but doesnt) that i want as much feedback and suggestions as possible! helpme!


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