Road Node 101 v. 2006

Contemplating Road Node 101 v. 2.006 by revisiting Road Node v. 2.005, here summed up in video at mile 1,990.

Here's a Frapper Map of the Road Node route so far.

Join the Road Node 101 email list, HERE.

Here's a calendar.

In case you weren't around in the autumn of 2005, you can partake of the media ripples from v. 2.005 HERE. (If I've missed a piece of Road Node 101-related media you've made, kindly tag it 'roadnodefilms' in Delicious and it will be automatically added to the collection.)

When told of the road trip fundraising effort, my antique-selling friend Tom donated $250 toward the project without a moment's hesitation, which surprised and scared the shit out of me. That support should come easily let alone come at all blows my mind.

With all that, I'm in the middle of a crisis of Faith.

I'd hoped to take a month to travel via Montana and Vloggercue down to New Orleans to see what's up there, teach some folks how to make media. But something in my gut stops me from continuing to imagine the execution of the New Orleans part of the plan. Is it that I'm frightened of what I'll find? Is it that I will not be able to bring myself to walk into the neighborhoods that require reporting on? That I'm a pussy after all? Perhaps that the trip turns out to encompass six thousand miles and that the rent will not be paid for September. All of the above.

My skill is as catalyst. In that respect, it doesn't matter where I go, only that someone is there to say, "Hello!" and there's eventually something to eat and drink so we have an excuse to spend time chewing the vlog-fat.

In those locales that don't have extant vloggers (life Fargo, ND & Rapid City, SD), the plan is to take out ads in the local blog / vlog / analog newspaper with contact info and hope for the best.

8/1 - Indiana, PA
8/2 - Toledo, OH - Meetup TBD
8/3 - Chicago, IL - Kevin of LimeBlog hosts / Meetup Scheduled /
Location TBD
8/4 - Minneapolis, MN
8/5 - Fargo, ND
8/6-9 Emigrant, MT - Scoble's Off-the-Grid Campout hosts
8/10 - Rapid City, SD
8/11 - Omaha, NE
8/12-13 - St. Louis, Missouri - Vloggercue
8/14 - ??? somewhere within 6 hours East of St. Louis
8/15 - ??? 6 - 12 hours East of St. Louis, etc.

It's not the right time to make an extended trip; better to take only two weeks to travel to Montana and Vloggercue.

The key right now seems to be to remain flexible.

"A rolling stone can gather moss." - Road Node 101

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  1. Great idea on the mailing list. I'm joining up for the adventure.

    FYI, I should be back sometime on the first so I should be able to meet you in Toledo. I don't know any other vloggers in these here parts, but there may be one in Toledo. There is of course Chis Weagel in Detroit, and Josh Leo in Grand Rapids, but those are an hour norht of toledo and like 5 hours north of toledo :)

    I look forward to catching you in Toledo. Maybe I should just stay a little longer in Chicago.. a couple more days. Would be a lot of fun to meet some of the Chicago vloggers.

  2. See you in Toledo or Chi-town, MM. Weagel should know by the end of the week whether he can make it down to Toledo. If he's not comin', let's do two days in Chicago.


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