Re-vlog::I Am Dooser on Vloggercon

Found this at the Internet Archive, searching 'vloggercon'.

Don't think Dooser fed this through his site feed. Hope he doesn't mind I've shared it here; shared it because I want to echo his thoughts on the intensity of the connections we share.

"Free freedom." - Dooser

Dooser answered my Vloggercon call for clips on the subject of passion for the "Mashups and Remixing for Vloggers" panel. He answered the call in all probability because we met in person several times during Road Node 101 and filming "The Skeptic" in Saratoga Springs. He even invited me to Thanksgiving with his family.

Yes, the vlogosphere is a cult, an international network of creative geeks who inspire and fire each other up in remarkable, tangible ways.

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  1. Wow...have I seen this at your site before? Pleasant surprises.

  2. It wasn't on the site before - just this time. Good to hear from you again.


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