Prop Chicks::Pretty in Pink

Sharing with you a moment of generosity from the property department who got some S.W.A.G. from Babeland.

Post Note: Why is our erotic identity so frightening to us?

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by Jan of Sound with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.


  1. Not one! Not ONE single battery included ;)

  2. batteries come cheap ;-)
    in answer to your question: i think we just don't have practice talking about our erotic identities. it's like when your a kid (girls) and you first get your period, and you're so embarassed about it. but we've gotten to a point culturally where we generally grow through that particular embarassment fairly rapidly. at least most of the women i know, including myself, did. but this hasnt yet happened with the erotic. i think it might be starting, but it seems like for the most part erotic still equals porn (and gluttony), which still equals shameful, even to an extent in many of those who know better. so far its just gotten to a point of being viewed as something that we all know exists within each other, but we dare not speak about for the most part. actually, i think we dare speak about it now in a general sense but not in a specific sense. like we'll talk about vibrators, but we wont necessarily discuss our own habits or inquire into other peoples'. i think couples are even largely afraid to talk about their private masturbation, despite the erotic activities they engage in together. what's with that??? so I think we're making progress but we're still stuck in the victorian era... just a little bit ;-)


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