Conversations with MMeiser

Have spoken via phone and Skype, and typed with MM at length these last days.

Why have we spent so much time together talking? Why now?

I'll tell you why: Because Meiser and I met in person at Vloggercon. Because thereafter, he reached out to touch first the still photos at Flickr, then in text relative to the theory expressed by the stills, then to the videos.

Photo by Yatta.

Michael Meiser "sees" my product in ways I'd always hoped consumers of the art would "see" it, the medium and the message and the poetry that is often too subtle to be comprehended at a single glance. Viewing over time gives the best effect, and the blog format is the perfect venue for such work.

I work with money.

I work the media.

As techie.

As anti-techie.

As poet, philosopher, dancer, but first and foremost as metaphrast.

The wee 3gp clip - here - was made during my conversation with Mr. Meiser as I sought to automatically upload a test 3gp file through Blip.tv to this site.

I've never been quite so far ahead of the technical curve as with the movlogging stuff. It's a bit lonely and a lot of exciting yet tedious work. It forces me to deal more directly with the toolmakers, which is heady stuff 'cause these guys are damnably smart.

Because the 3gp files have stopped being recognized in the feed as enclosures, I'm re-posting a link to the media file, HERE. It captures the moment of recognition that the interview / conversation has gone entirely out of my control.

Good to see what that looks like.

Note to self: remember.



  1. Hiya,

    I stumbled upon your site w/ regards to links to my friend Josh who is being charged with Civil Contempt, etc.

    And then I saw your snippets re: movlogging. You know my company (abazab.com) does some stuff to enablethat right? If you have questions, ping me. Cheers. And keep up the amazing work.

  2. Wow - can't wait to check it out and thanks for stopping by. Hope for the best for your brave friend, Josh. Please tell him I send my best.

  3. Jan you have the sexiest most insiteful voice on the internets. It was a great pleasure to have had dinner with you and Richard Show and Richard Wife's Show in San Fransico. I hope to have the pleasure to eat with you again someday.

  4. Sheeee-it, Juan Carlos.


    And you - you are our art-conscience.

    Love what you're doing over at Evilvlog.

  5. Thanks for the flattering post. I was just about to check and see if your feed was recognizing 3GP as enclosures yet Look for my response on your latest 3gp post.



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