Road Node 101 House 2.0

301 Upper Terrace.

Markus made all the arrangements through Craigs List to find and secure vlogger housing in San Francisco. Jen Simmons, Richard BF, Raymond and who knows who else will be staying here come Vloggercon.

When I inquired if I could come to San Fran early, in an extreme gesture of largess, Markus heartily agreed. Have been here more or less on Markus' nickle since May 21, scoping out the San Francisco feel, and boy, does it ever feel good. Thanks Markus and Alicia!

The public transportation is excellent. Food, excellent and reasonable. People, open & friendly.

As I wander the streets, one thing that strikes me is the high percentage of homeless and disabled people here, and how wonderfully integrated they are into the living landscape. I'm tired of being separated from this and like the reminders that there, but for the grace of luck, go any one of us.

This is a city obviously rich in community awareness & responsibility. That's HOT.

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