A Kind of Thank You

For Bre Pettis of I Make Things and We Are the Media. My gift to you is the address of The Wooster Collective Street Art Project where you can subscribe to a daily dose of giggles and inspiration made by artists from around the world who draw outside the lines. The Wooster Collective also has a music podcast that might shake you up.


  1. hey roomie!

    yeah, I'm finding it hard to be present to where I am now, because I am thinking so much about last weekend (and surfing the photos / watching the videos.) What an INCREDIBLE weekend! I wish it had lasted longer...

    I miss you and wish for the next chance to to see you and get to know you more. Thanks for all the great help and friendship you gave me.

    And enjoy that camera!


  2. Jen, dear, smart lady, the pleasure was all mine.


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