The Future of Media::Information & Entertainment

Michael Sullivan prognosticates that the ebook will make a return in a big way, but, that the new ebook will be,

"...Socially networked rich mixed media that will look and play on all platforms exactly as the creator intended it to be. They will be projects using any and all media formats that are available to content creators. They will be bloggy. They will be powerful. The canvas for any artist to use to compile media elements as juxtapositions for the world to experience. It will not only be an extension of vlogging but it will become the most flexible and free platform of which all others can exist within. It will help tell stories that we can see and hear."

If you're interested in the future, I suggest that for less than $11 you read Neal Stephenson's "Diamond Age" that explores - among other things - nanotechnology in medicine and weaponry as well as informantion and entertainment transmission.

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