CSPAN's Got podcasts

One nice thing about Road Node 101 House 2.0's cable TV is checking out "After Words" on BookTV, where I chanced to hear Alvin Toffler, co-author with his wife of "Revolutionary Wealth." Interviewed by Newt Gingrich, Toffler speaks of something I've long been wondering about: the economics of open source.

"We are post-decadent," says Toffler, and find ourselves in a period of, "...incredible, rapid and complete change."

Furthermore, learned that "After Words" and a few other CSPAN programs are rebroadcast in podcast form. Click HERE to see what shows are podcast and for RSS URL's.

Who else is writing on the economics of open source? Who???

Just logged in to Amazon.com to buy "Revolutionary Wealth" and can't wait to begin to read what the thinkers are saying about our possible future. Holy crap.


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