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As I feel my way around San Fransicso and spend time with Markus Sandy and Dave Toole, who are connected with SpinXpress, I realize one of the reasons SpinXpress has not caught on in the Vlogosphere is that we are - for the most part - essentially one-man bands. Only when we begin to adopt distributed production will vloggers really have need for this kind of secure file-sharing. It occurs to me that we need to reach out to groups who are passionate about their particular fields (audio / editing / shooting / distribution) and personal media, but not really interested in doing it all themselves as a lot of vloggers do. Reach out to editors particularly, to join us. They would be a logical first contact to bring to the vlogosphere. It would be great if I could be The Faux Press and concentrate on recording material while an editor would do their thing in the background. Bloggers would also be an obvious group to bring in; writers who would write and post the entries, all using SpinXpress. Small production companies. I'm just sayin'.

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