Rain Experiment - 3gp - Movlogging

Becoming facile with the Nokia 6682 has required a lot of work to develop a workflow. This small, unedited clip (no more than 300 kb per upload allowed with Cingular's multi-media message) was uploaded directly from the phone to Blip.

Because I wanted to add other elements to the piece, it made sense to Bluetooth all of the clips to the Mac G4, edit there, and save to a .mov file, and only then upload to Blip rather than edit in the phone.

Guess that's where Eyespot's in-browser editing might come in handy. Problem with in-browser editing is, you've gotta be online with pretty good connection in order to do it, and Eyespot's "mixer" has yet to be tested with the new Bluetooth modem setup with Cingular. Will let you know! (It worked fine.)

A 3gp file mm'd to a pal's Treo wouldn't play there nor on his Linux box. Seems the Nokia 3gp's native H.263 codec isn't that universal, but I'll try to work it out. In the meantime, he's finally got his Linux box pimped out with codecs that allow him to see .mov files, and I hope he'll report back to me on how he did that.

More later as I streamline the process, amount and size of the equipment I carry to make media.

Play Quicktime 3gp Version



  1. Interesting to follow your experiments with the Nokia. Mobilephones will replace digital cameras and bury work flows of the old media as well.

    The sound quality is a bit disappointing. Is the sound too compressed?

  2. Yeah, it's totally too compressed. Have a workaround in editing the thing in the G4 and adding altogether new sound to the clip, but...that kinda doesn't serve the ease of the medium now, does it? Harrumph.

    Ultimately, they will need to develop a new, better compression scheme for these phones. In the meantime, sound is certainly a weak link.

  3. I like the clips regardless of quality. As long as I can get what's going on or understand what you're saying when you speak that's all that matters. The quality doesn't have to be great when they're only 10-15 second clips. If they were a minute it might start to be distracting, but not as they are.

    Since they are short you might consider that duplication is not an issue. It might be interesting to show your process. Why not send the clips to your vlog through blip and then later when you're home instead of updating the title and desription on the post make a whole new post with the Edited file with whatever treatment and or sound you wanted to give it. You could also then present it in flash on your vlog (via blip) and have an MOV for syndication.

    In this manner if I got a little 3gp of a clip I didn't get because there's no explanation i know it's no big deal because it'll be followed up on later. The process can become a part of the narative.

    Alternatively you could have a raw clip log, but I think it would be no distraction to have the raw clips in the main feed.

    Also... I don't think it's necissary for every clip to have a description... the process should be organic.

    Finally, I'm going to start tagging everything to do with mobile vlogging as "movlogging" or "mobile-vlogging" starting with this post on del.icio.us.


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