Former Apple Employee No. 68 Makin' Cellphone Content

Multimedia message

You heard it in The New York Times:

"Content is just a means to an end, so there's something to talk about," he said. In other words, social connection trumps all . . . .

. . . .All content providers face an unclear business model, with subscriptions, à la carte sales and ad-supported free models jockeying for position. They also have to deal with carriers who have different technical specifications and provide, in effect, the world's smallest retail mall because of the tiny nature of their phones' screens. And they must figure out the role that user-generated content will play in the mix.

"Most content providers get it," said John R. Burbank, vice president for marketing at Cingular Wireless, referring to their understanding that they must create compelling new content. "But the fact is, no one knows what 'it' is."
Zud's right. The deeper I get into cellphone-produced content, the more clearly the picture of cellphone content as king - well, if not king, then court jester - emerges.


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