Road Node 101::Buffalo NY

Jet Blue was pretty darned cool except for the fact that a rather expensive lens was stolen in transit. I don't so much blame Jet Blue, though. We joked with alarm and sadness about new measures that allow the opening (and plundering) of luggage.

In a random passenger interview, young Brady has some theories about why people like to make films. He's in the business, too.

Sound mixer, mentor and friend Mathew Price makes us the beneficiaries of his best advice.

Mark talks about who he is and what he learned today.

The anonymous man's five-year plan for fraud.

Kenny "Bobino" the Teamster plays the ukelele under it all from the southwest corner of 10th Avenue and 50th Street.

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  1. What kind of lenses were stolen?

    It's terrible news.

    I haven't really had that filmmaking experience, but I look forward to it!

  2. I'm still befuddled by people not giving a name.

  3. Well, the anonymous man doesn't know me that well and when discussing fraud with strangers, well, one wants to be - um - circumspect.

  4. All I know about the lens was it was expensive, as are most lenses that are used with a 35mm film camera. Certainly not less than $5,000.

  5. once i had a huge change purse full of money stolen by jet blue from the phoenix airport when it was "searched" out of my presence.
    that was my cab fair home.


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