Give Me All the Crap You Wish About Second Life, But...

Who Said Academics Can't Dance?
Lawrence Lessig's Second Life avatar dances a jig as my avatar offers a toast to the Creative Commons.

This past Saturday night I co-hosted a Burns Night Supper in honor of Robert Burns' birthday, a re-creation of a 200-year-old Scots tradition of music, poetry, dance and song. But it wasn't held at my home or in a restaurant, it was in a tree house tavern in Second Life.

The way things developed in my Second Life, by putting up a donation box to benefit the Creative Commons, I became tangentially involved in Lawrence Lessig's presence there as lecturer and fundraiser.

As a result, Lawrence Lessig and Joi Ito not only attended the party, but donned kilts, ate virtual haggis, toasted Robbie Burns and the Creative Commons with virtual single malt Scots whisky, and danced digital jigs.

To those who think Second Life "merely" an addictive game (Zud, you listening?), I'm just sayin'...


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