Cart Flowers::Small Kindnesses

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It's the small things that often get us through the longest days.

Stole a bit of Ivor Cutler's music for this wee bit.


  1. I love it. What's that Node 101 bag with the leaves in it? Tell me more about that.

  2. A friend on set was in a bad mood so I made a 3-D poem for him to brighten his day. Part of his mood originated from being on the road for so long without friends / family for support so I included a Road Node 101 patch in the package. Another part of his dis-ease was from getting a wee bit older, hence the autumn leaves.

  3. so enjoyable
    amidst all the tech there still is burts of colorful life, especially the singer..heh cute ending. Not to foget the Soulfull eyes behind the videocamera.


  4. I have to admit that the video is a welcome relief from the tiresome garbage that we see everyday of our lives.

  5. Flowers are nice to receive from someone else. Have you ever given yourself flowers? It's even nice to recieve them from yourself.

  6. it's the little things
    that are big


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