A Road Node Meditation on Logic with Carl Weaver

Watch the video

With Carl Weaver and his excellent poet/GED students.

If young artists can be treated with respect in school, I am not without hope for the future. 


  1. i am blown away by this video.
    how can i agree more fervently?
    if kids were taught and nurtured as artists from the start, maybe they wouldn't get in trouble as much or drop out of school, but rather look forward to school. noble concept eh?
    loving the road node jan!

  2. Hey this was awesome, even without the jg shoutout at the end. Schools and prisons have so much in common. I wish that school could be less like prison and prison more like school.

    Great post.

  3. Yeah, Johnny - good idea. However, our society can't make up its mind about what prisons are meant to be. Are they for rehabilitation or are they for punishment? Most people in prison do time, get out and commit crimes again, so it's not rehabilitation, no matter what folks say. Punishment isn't the game either, or at least it's not a deterrent. Knowledge of the consequences is not keeping people from committing crimes. As a country we have to figure this out.

    One of the biggest problems these young people (and older ones, for that matter) have is poor impulse control. Also lack of patience. I guess those go hand in hand. Some people are committed social deviants, criminal to the core, but I think too many get labeled this way. There's got to be a better way to reach them.

    Thanks for this post, Jan. It was great to have you in the class and the students are still talking about you. Remember what that one guy said - what you are meant to do with your life is what you wake up thinking about.

    Let's start the revolution together!

  4. these guys are really creative! ... nice video ...


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