Road Node 101 @ University of Maine

One of many great lessons learned was the use of blip.tv's alpha of direct browser-based video recording / uploading / posting for Safari browsers (they anticipate other browser capability eventually) as a vlog teaching tool.

Here's a glimpse of the new media class to which Randy, Kent and I spoke.

Randy was shooting and the kids had lots of questions about the Echochamber Project and Videoblogging.



  1. Hey, this is good stuff. It helps to hear how other people communicate stuff that I am thinking about. I will be talking to a bunch of university students about this stuff in a couple of weeks, so clips like this are really useful as I start thinking about what I want to communicate, and how I want to say it.

  2. great to see you presenting!
    love it

  3. I have a lecture to Carl Weaver's GED class inadvertently captured on tape and transcoded to mp3 that you might be interested in, Jonny. Will post in due course.


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