Road Node 101: Poughkeepsie

Lunch with Thomas G. Henry and Michael Sullivan.

The three of us dance together, but that's another vlog entry (courtesy Clark ov Saturn's inspiration). Stay tuned.



  1. I really believe in the "vlog booth" idea. At schools, farmers markets, film festivals, all over.

  2. Or a Vlog Airstream. Pulled by a diesel pickup. Running biodiesel.

    Im signing myself up for that!

    found you via vlogdir by the way.

  3. Vlog Booth

    I am going down to the Vlog booth

    Gonna tell it all my sins

    I am going down to the Vlog booth

    So I cam live again!

  4. Well, I think in large part Road Node 101 can accomplish this task - until some big company comes up with the big cash to create video kiosks.

    In the meantime, need some large company to buy me a media van - hint, hint.

    Zud, you are toooooo funny and good for my own good. I hurt myself laughing. "So I CAM live again." Bwah-hahaha.


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