MTV Meetup - Cambridge MA Report

Pleased to report that the Cambridge MA MTV Meetup was an unadulterated success.

Mike MacHenry and I papered the neighborhood with Serra's flyers, but those new to the scene in attendance were induced by virtue of personal contact with Steve Garfield who brought 3 blogger / video capable folks in tow, including Ravi Jain (a comic video maker at http://ravijain.org and http://blog.ravijain.org), Michael (a blogger who is interested in doing some video work) and Holland Wilde, another vlog-curious blogger whose site is http://medianipple.blogspot.com). Thanks, Steve!

New folks at other Node Trip MTV events also came from personal contact (the "Vlog it!" LED brooch worked wonders) and via blogmap and an email or two.

Also present were Phil Hamilton (who hit the big time here: http://philham.blogspot.com/) and his mom, Donna. How great is that? Turns out Phil's family had no idea he was videoblogging until he was Googled and outed by a relative during his summer vacation. He's as wonderful in person as he is on tape.

There was a great lot of excitement around the event, most of which came from seeing one another in person and telling the deeper, longer stories of our lives, like how Mike & Serra of http://headsoff.blogspot.com met (I'll post the story via podcast soon).

In other news, heard through the grapevine that Dooser's Dad is intrigued by the vlog idea from our Saratoga Springs MTV.

Write you from Winterport Maine and the home of Kent and Jen Bye. The leaves here have turned but not fallen. Tomorrow morning, we conduct an MTV event for the new media class at the University of Maine. Psyche.

Then, we're off to Philip Clark and New Brunswick.

That's the news from the Road Node.


  1. Amazing stuff, Jan. Send my regards to all :)

  2. Awesome work, Jan. Wish I was there.


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