He is Dooser: Saratoga Springs Meet the Vloggers

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  1. Ummmm...Sounds very Dutch. I hear over there, there is peer pressure is to leave your blinds open because the ideas is, what would you have to hide? I think there is an atavistic fear of being surveilled though. The roots of this fear: If someone or something is watching youit could be because they want to eat you.

  2. You re-state Dooser's position well.

    Firmly believe there are those out there who want to eat me. It's the way of the world, despite what Santa Clause says.

    My solution? Live where no one can see in my windows so I can enjoy blinds open and light streams in. It's no one's business what I do in my house. Fact is, there are those who want to know what everyone's up to privately, just in case they sin.

    The difference between God's eyes and government cameras is that God forgives our sins.

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  4. Interesting thought just occurred:

    I guess maybe I'm lucky. Because not many people actually want to 'see through my blinds' into what I'm doing. I guess I wouldn't have to worry about it as much as some.

    Perhaps that sways my opinion.

  5. I dont want a camera around in private moments. The act of choosing moments to share makes the more special - if you had access to everyone's lives on video all the time, videoblogging would be boring.

  6. It's about Authentic Cognition, I think. People should accept themselves, their actions/behavior, and their opinions as genuine manifestations of their true selves. There are occassions where secrecy is practical, though.

    This conversation seems to be about the general desire to hide behaviors and mask opinions/feelings. It's about fear, guilt, shame, and self doubt. Filtration has it's place, but people should filter from a perspective of complete self acceptance... then filter away... But it's unfortunate, IMHO, that most people (myself included) hide first and sort it out later... synthesize a desirable front post-opinion/post-decision/post-deed.

    Hide to avoid being eaten, but turn not to fig leaves because you too ate the apple. Celebrate yourself, protect and even change yourself, but never hide from yourself.

  7. Great interview! Want to comment on this a bit more, however gotta run!
    Will come back asap.


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