Road Node 101 Buzz :: We Are the Media

Road Node 101 featured on wearethemedia.com

Road Node 101 host Tim Dawkes adds to the Road Node buzz at We Are the Media (my favorite source for vlogosphere news). Thanks, Tim - see you Saturday.

Furthermore, heard through the vlog-vine that 49 Media's Chris Ritke gave us a shoutout from PodcastCon in the UK and that Madge also mentioned our little adventure, tho I haven't yet found the link.



  1. Jan-
    I've been telling everybody what you're doing! It is inspirational and the model for the future of media! I would love to talk about it with y ou on my show some time in October. Wanna? email bloatedlesbian@gmail.com

  2. Maaaaaadge! Madge, you bloated lesbian you. Darned straight I wanna talk. Er. I mean, sure, let's talk. Who's cuter than you?


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