Nana's Notebook

What one learns from a life's ephemera.

Closing Nana's house as she's finally let go of living alone in her abode of 60 years.

A road trip before the road trip to Amsterdam. Making media on dialup.

I'd always thought Grandma impervious to such thoughts.

Now I see she was - in private - as insecure as anyone.

Small town life can suck.



  1. interesting, Jan. Close glimpse into your life...

    hope you are well.

  2. It's a whole other take on journalism to be sure, John :)

    There were many memorable moments during our final days in Grandmother's house.

    Learned in a 1860 newspaper that Grannie withheld her Pennsylvania delegate's vote for J.F.K. in the 1960 convention, and came to some fame for having done so. The family had always experienced her as ardent Kennedy supporter. Learned that Grandma's different in some fundamental ways than we always thought.


    Come back ag'in, y'hear?


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