Markus was on the heels of making his way to the SF vlogger meetup when we had occasion to chat. Via simultaneous chat from England learned some unsettling family news and Markus was there for the digital goodluck hug. Asked Markus if he would vlog me a song from SF.

Rene's vlog entry is the result.

Markus and Schlomo totally get down in some of the best from-the-belly singing I've heard in a long time.

My heart and intellect had been heavy until I saw those two fellows singing Cole Porter on Luxomedia.com

That's what it means to be connected through the vlogosphere.

Thanks - all of you. Made me tear with laughter.

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  1. Connections like this seem pretty easy with friends like you, Schlomo, Rene and so many others (I think they're all getting together for a vloggercue).

  2. Yes - it does seem remarkably easy in the vlogosphere to find connections.


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