Faux Press Vlog :: Music Video :: Four-Minute Ballet

"Four-Minute Ballet for Faux Press, Celebrities and Disposable Cameras" is the official title of this 2000 piece that features the music of Ahmed El-Motassem's Legal Fiction. The tune's called "I Want to Be You".

Found the song after we did the film but it fit so perfectly that I couldn't not make a music video of the work. We played with the ideas of celebrity and media.

The only scripted dialog is Lauren's: "No photos! No photos please!"

STARRING members of the faux press corps:

Steve Bennett, poet/engineer
Andrzej Bialuski, designer/photographer/entrepreneur
Adam Merton Cooper, cartographer/poet
Paul Forsman, former Marlboro Man/fashion photographer
Melanie Junceau, publicist
Richard Kostelanetz, philosopher/poet
Elizabeth, incognito
Kevin McCutcheon, conductor
Jan McLaughlin, as princess-at-large
Lauren Moore, star
Sharon O'Connell, ballerina
Eran Palatnik, cinematographer/entrepreneur
Cosmic Ray, shaman
Judith Ross, as J.K. Onassis
Rie Yamaguchi, artist
Ahmed El-Motassem's Legal Fiction, music
The Plaza Hotel, as itself

Thanks to Eric Rice for the urge to repost. Wishing him the best of luck with his own version of MTV. Had I more time, I should certainly make a new one. On the other hand, all those videos I make with music are considered around here to be music videos.

Download Quicktime version


  1. you got a whole life we're slowly learning about.
    how much of it is in video?

  2. There's a lot I suppose in once sense. In another, not much at all. :) Enigmatic answer? No, just true.


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