Vlog / Blog as Process

Spent yesterday viewing the compelling video footage from Vloggercon 2005. So many issues to address. My own personal issue is: what to do with all the raw and editorial bytes that accumulate in the hard drive.

Will take a stroll over to Podcast Alley and ask.

Have been trying to communicate in this way (sound & picture) for a long time. Finally, thankfully, technology has caught up to need.

The following two (previous) posts are vlog & pod casts that wound up integrated. Have learned that sometimes I need to start with the audio and then add video. Next time, I shall wait until the video is finished before posting.


  1. footage... I have so much of it myself; I want to use it, and I will use it. I will have more fun with it, mix it together, taking random files from random dates and smashing them together. And then the viewer, or myself, will have to see their meaning in it. I treat vlogs like action painting, but without all that wet sticky paint.


  2. Oooh, of course, of course action painting. Did a stint with private collectors of similar works (poetry concrete) and it changed my writerly creative life forever, as have you.



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