Writing the Synopsis

The World’s Longest Open Love Letter:
a Premise, a Princess & a Promise

Samantha Cobb's last trick was with a con man who’d stolen the identity of a Washington, D.C. brain surgeon. Twenty years later - remembering this fact - Cobb realizes she hasn’t a clue as to who she really is or how to feel. Then one night she dreams she is a princess and furthermore, promises to give that princess a life in reality until such time as she writes the longest love letter in the world.

Writing the synopsis of The World's Longest Open Love Letter - the movie - was significantly more difficult than writing the 400 pages of poetry, essay and prose that provided the skeleton for the film project.

It's taken five years to write the above paragraph.

Just sayin'.

Want to get the Press Kit revised to take with me to New Orleans in January. One never knows when opportunity will knock.

Did I tell you I'm mixing a movie in January? It's called "Flakes" and I'm well-and-truly psyched to be mixing a romantic comedy with Michael Lehmann.

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