Film as Poem & Intimacy

How does one insert real poetry / music / dance / life into film?

Have studied this question since 1985 in much detail.

Re-edited "The Faux Parade" this week based on audience feedback. The old version is still up on the streaming web site. Check back later today to see the new version.

It's tighter. Found how to make some humorous moments even more so by taking out a few frames.

Here's the dialog:

What's your parade about?

It's about love.

I'm feeling a lot of animosity right now.
I'm feeling a lot of animosity right now.

Well, it's about hate then.

We next see the ANGRY MAN deeply smiling and joining the parade.

To find the essence of the conversation.

I love my life. Edit film; work on brochure; sing; edit; watch a feature film (been watching 5 / week since September - catching up on a decade away from seeing movies); work on audio piece for New Year's Day performance; call the producer; email the boom man; shop; phone home; phone friend who's recently in love. Like that.

I don't tell many people the true nature of my life for fear they will be jealous.

Can live handsomely working for others 3 - 5 days a month.

Fear drawing the wrath of the Gods.

Today's internal link is to my collection of Adult Fairytales written by the Princess-at-Large.

Some of them - like "The Princess & The Vet" are scenes in the movie. This week I revamped the synopsis and online press kit. It's much improved.

Don't be jealous of me.

Help me make it.

I've worked so hard for this.

So very fucking hard.

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