Faux Press Pass No. 6 - Limited Edition of 12

"Faux Press Pass No. 6" that eventually became the "ID-EA Tag" series.

And that eventually became "ID Film Parties"

That is short for "Instant Documentary Film Parties"

One of the principals of being a Princess-at-Large is you can have lunch with whomever in the world you wish.

And that is a moving principal of "ID Film Parties".

Everyone is a celebrity.

Reading Gaping Void University showed me how to find the heart of my new company: the place from whence it emerges as a potential success. Only after I saw its corporate heart did I know how to beging to think about marketing it.

Have not a job but make a living.

Here's a little fairytale from The World's Longest Open Love Letter.

The Princess & The Baker Prince

Follow the red arrows.

Have an opportunity to pitch the business to an old family friend - a man who is really fucking good at it. That's why I'm busting my butt to get a brochure printed. Bought a couple lovely presentation folders.

Brochure will be two-layered. Vellum on Rose.


When you must learn, learn from the best.

But it's not about competition, it's about cooperation and alliances.

Cooperation as exemplified by Breuk Iversen, publisher of 11211 and 10003 Magazines and unofficial mayor of Williamsburg, County of Kings, Brooklyn, USA.

Pay more - not less - for the things you consume and services you use.

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