Blogging as Business Plan Tool

This blog has been an invaluable tool in developing several areas of endeavor:

1. To develop a screenplay: The World's Longest Open Love Letter

2. To develop a film / event production company: ID Film Parties

3. To develop my career as an artist: Urban Art Adventures

4. To think about my career as a sound mixer and envision how that might expand as hanging out in the wet & cold 14 hours a day loses its appeal.

So far, so good.

The fiscal benefit of maintaining this blog is 99% indirect.

The blog is not 'the machine' but a 'tool' used to tweak the machine. A third eye if you will, or rather, a witness to the process. An anonymous test audience.

Perhaps that's how 'Industry Blog' developers need to think.

The corporate blog a tool to tweak the bottom line - whatever it takes - so long as it is written out of sincere wishes to benefit the corporate cultures in which the 'Blogists' (as opposed to 'Journalists') live.

The recent addition of Froogle's Wish List Beta proved just the thing to create the hardware section of my online business plan.


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