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Learning to be a webmaster has been a great creative tool. It helped me write a book that turns into a film.
Began using Homestead and moved on to (gasp) FrontPage (and there I remain rather stuck).
Webalizer statistics and Google provided me with means to get a picture of part of what the Internet is about. It's about sex.
The research led me to Salon.com's blatant exploitation of sexy words in their assignment and naming of articles.
There's much more to the Internet than that.
Still, it's better in person.
Recent Art / Commerce research has brought me to study marketing.
Been going to Gaping Void University of Marketing.
As I get the legal documents in order, contemplate what additional tools I will need, write a business plan, meet with bankers, I work on the ad campaign - deeply affected by Hugh McLeod's Gaping Void philosophy of marketing.
Actually, I'm drafting an ad to place on his site that is based upon his principals.
All this news about the GOP marketing of the president is interesting because republicans form the core of my market.
Just an additional layer of interest to the Instant Personal Documentary.
"It isn't done alone." - Ian Watson, Love Detective & Staff Writer
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